Schumann Printers Fall River, Wisconsin


Schumann Printers, Inc. is a family-owned heat-set web printer producing short, medium, and long run publications and catalogues for over fifty years. From file transfer to finishing, our commitment to advanced technology has streamlined the production process while keeping costs competitive, affording easier customer input. Our equipment list includes the finest print technologies such as Goss, Kodak, and Mueller.

In 1963, Jack Schumann, founder of Schumann Printers, Inc., acted on his passion for print and began sheetfed printing in the basement of his small, family duplex in Fall River, WI. Over the next fifty years, Schumann Printers Inc. would grow into a family-owned business with cutting-edge printing technology, over one hundred and seventy employees, and significantly more space to house such exponential expansion.

Dan and Mark Schumann, sons of Jack, currently serve as the President and Vice President of the company. Dan and Mark continue the company’s commitment to innovation by producing the highest quality product to surpass expectations on all fronts. Still located in Fall River, WI, Schumann Printers, Inc. provides every customer with the capabilities of a large printer, but maintains their tradition of giving individual attention to ensure satisfaction. With consistent sales growth, Schumann Printers, Inc. continues to prosper and welcomes the opportunity to provide their superior services.


Paper is vital to the printing process. For over fifty years, Schumann Printers, Inc. has maintained good relationships with domestic and foreign paper mills, in order to provide exemplary varieties of paper weights, grades, and finishes. To maximize efficiency, Schumann Printers, Inc. has

63,125 sq. ft. of paper storage area in-house. Due to such high paper volume, our prices remain competitive in the industry. Our paper department gladly will find the proper paper that will fit your needs.

Ensuring our environmental promise, we strive to provide our customers with the best choices for eco-friendly paper. We supply FSC® Certified paper, so your publication can maintain its superior quality while sustaining the environment. Since 2009, we’ve been an FSC® Certified Printer, certified by the Rainforest Alliance, thanks to our efforts to reduce our paper usage and environmental footprint. In fact, we recycle all of our waste paper.

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