Fall River Chamber of Commerce thanks brat stand supporters

Dear editor,

The Fall River Chamber of Commerce thanks the following for helping the Brat and Burger Stand at our Fall River 11th Annual Village Wide Garage Sales. We would like to thank Lyle Trautmann for organizing the FBLA members to work at the stand. The FBLA members that donated their time were: Molly Simmons, Grace Gardner, Megan Challanor, Matthew Morton, Sam Leisemann, Maddie Gregario, Taryn Schwartz, Christian Perez, Becca Tramburg, Andrew Tavs and Madison O’Brion.

The following people also donated their time: Ray Mielke, Gary Errthum (EK or Old Man who did the cooking), Tara Gillespie, Kassie Millar and Linda Baaske. Also, the Furniture Service Station for allowing us to hold this event on their place of business.

A big thank you to those that gave donations at the Brat and Burger stand. All this support helps this event to be a success.

I hope that everyone had a successful sale.

Fall River Chamber of Commerce https://www.wiscnews.com/columbusjournal/opinion/mailbag/fall-river-chamber-of-commerce-thanks-brat-stand-supporters/article_21dd02ed-f40c-5a0f-8920-3594a7421734.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook


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