Fall River Foundry Has Joined the Fall River Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce

Fall River Foundry

670 South Main

Fall River, WI 53932

Contact us by Phone:920-484-3311

Sales Manager: Scott Sitkin


Fall River Foundry Website

Since our establishment in 1954, the Fall River Group has been acclaimed as the most modern independent non-ferrous foundry, brass die caster and manufacturing company in the United States.

Serving customers in 40 states from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and Europe, the employees of the Fall River Group are dedicated to serving you with the character and integrity you would expect from a world-class company.

Sound management, skilled craftsmanship and modern equipment have been combined to give you the finest pressure tight green sand castings.

From the smallest castings of less than an ounce to large castings weighing up to 600 pounds, our fully automated and manual facilities stand ready to meet your most rigid metal and dimensional specifications.

Fall River Foundry Fall River, Wisconsin

Fall River Foundry utilizes generations of foundry experience and modern technologies to produce elite quality brass,bronze,and aluminum alloy castings. Fall River Foundry offers the most modern cast to machine process that is geared toward high production pressure tight lead free brass castings for the water industries. Fall River’s flexibility allow us to also simultaneously focus on many other non-ferrous alloys with smaller run quantities. Fall River Foundry’s approach is to deliver quality on time castings at your exact specifications to make us America’s finest nonferrous jobbing foundry.

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